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13 June 2006 @ 12:11 pm
a busy little bee  
I got up rather early today, 8am. I'm trying to train myself to get back up at normal times rather than lazy summer vacation times. I moseyed downstairs to find a note that Mom had taken Grandpa to the hospital. The man is a spoiled brat, I'm darn tired of their antics. So, I tidied up, watered our poor parched little flowers. They really need a lot of water. Tossed in the laundry Mom was going to do this morning, as well as a load of my own. Handwashed my chinese shirt, which dripped dye all over the place and is now hanging in the garage to not ruin anything. I then planted the rest of the seeds we got, much more careful about the mud today than yesterday. Got the guts to call Victoria's Secret. Over lunch at Panera yesterday (ahhh yum panera) we came up with this little speech "I didn't hear from you for two weeks, despite my phone calls asking if I was scheduled. In that time a job with permanent hours presented itself and I had to take it. And I'm afraid the hours will conflict so I am sorry but I cannot keep this position." It was a darn quick phonecall, relatively painless. The reason for the rush is that I was scheduled there tonight during my shift at the library. I feel somewhat guilty about turning down this job but I do not like the way they handle their scheduling-an on call basis, so I would have to call in to find out if I could come in that day, I'm sorry no thank you. Also, telling me "We'll call you when you're on the schedule" then calling me up after I was scheduled and giving my grief about it, that is not how I want to be employed. Anyway, we were at Target yesterday (where I bought the Raconteurs cd-I couldn't help myself) and Mom saw her old boss there, and said hey, hire her she needs a job. So, I applied at their little kiosk and with any luck, I'll be able to work there. They said they'll contact me in 3-5 days, I will call the 4th day, just to be sure.

Anyway, have done many little errandy things online-updating addresses, finding hours and prices for King Tut and Brookfield Zoo. Apparently I can get into the Field with my AAM membership, only paying extra for Tut and Evolving Planet, score! Though I'm somewhat miffed cuz Evolving Planet (their Dinosaur exhibit) replaced Life Over Time, which was free. They were working on it last year when I was interning and sometimes the construction workers would leave the door ajar and you could peek in and see it being built. Pretty cool.

I have been listening addictively to Death Cab for Cutie, and I've only got their latest. Does anybody have Transatlanticism or Photo Album?

That is all from me, I gotta go eat lunch and shower for Work!
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: raconteurs