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29 March 2006 @ 06:48 pm
Ooooooo Canada!!  
Hey kiddos!! I'm at an internet cafe in Vancouver drinking tasty tea and chillin it out! So, fast fast here's what's been happening:
yesterday my luggage made it to denver and stayed there-it didn't follow me to Vancouver. Much fright at the airport but the lovely people at United helped me find it and delivered it to my hotel last night at 2:27. Slept in my pjs, couldn't brush my teeth (toothbrush and toothpaste was in the case). Gaahhh so scary!
Brigitte's hotel was in the ghetto, freaking scary ass part of town. Crack dealers on the sidewalks, the whole couple blocks reeked of marijuana, it was scary. thankfully beth was cool with her staying at our place.
the weather has been beautiful here. pictures galore. the hotel is amazing. beautiful city. i think i wanna move here. i'm in love.
guy sitting next to me on the plane was awesome. from san francisco, I crossed my legs and he looked down and was all "i used to draw on my shoes too" beginning an hour long conversation on random stuff-he's a buddhist, had crazy cool tats and was very nice (not to mention rather attractive) though married and oldish.
went to sessions this morning-saw Rosa and Mario from the Field, Rosa may come to my session on friday. that'd be very nice of her, plus the fact that I got to see some guy from the cambodian museum who works with dr. legerwood from niu and I'm flat wink wink nudge nudge give me a job. session after that was interesting-ish, then we needed coffee. Brigitte and I dashed out for a quick bite, decided to ditch the rest of sessions and went to eat and SHOPPING!!!! Gawd I bought pretty stuff-a Rasmus cd I've been hunting for for ages! and other pretty pretties. Plus, I bought sister a present. It was very pretty, I'm excited. You'll like it kiddo. kay, gotta go now. there's some opening mixer. must make an appearance then find a bar or something.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful