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26 February 2006 @ 11:03 am
I'm done with my drafts! Yay. Emailed 'em both to Dr. C a few minutes ago.

Went to see Eight Below last night after I had successfully worked on papers for hours. It was sad and made me really want to get a dog. More than I already do. Ate at Molly's which I just detest. It's mexican food gone awry, I dont' know why everyone likes it so much. Nanced on out to Borders to pick up my Birthday Massacre cd, and killed time before the movie. Ended up getting a copy of Rocksound, been listening to the rocksound cd all morning. I'm now in love with Dave House and Scarling, thank you UK magazines for introducing me to some decent bands, a person can only listen to the metal mouthed hip hop garbage for so long before they want to go deaf. Bought Jennifer a funny sex book for her birthday, well funny to us, and then it was off to the disney doggie movie. On the way over we fucked with Matt via text messages, Bridgette was taking her frustrations out on him and I was only too happy to oblige. Ah well, then we watched the sad movie about the pretty huskie dogs (my undergrad mascot, thankyouverymuch) and I got yelled at for dragging them to a movie with frozen animal cruelty. Came back here, finished our Team Kwan shirts and then I went to bed. Horrible nightmares again-is it sad that I can't even hear about scary movies without being creeped out. Doesn't help that my head is all full of caffeine and weird sinus craziness. Ah well, once again curled up on the futon in front of the tv. Started the last book I bought at work yesterday. I think I'm gonna like it. Let's hope so. Alright, now to do a bit of swiffering before we all powwow for the stats. Toodles poodles.
Current Mood: productiveproductive