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22 February 2006 @ 08:41 am
but I'm still here  
So busy this week. Gotta get all the readings done so I can turn them in. Hafta look at the comps question tonight, really look cuz we meet with Henrici tomorrow to discuss it cuz she leaves for Peru next week. The no internet weekend fucked me up cuz now I'm playing catch up with all the sfaa paper stuff and trying to write the practicum. I feel like I'm never gonna finish.

Downloaded a bunch of brushes yesterday, played with them last night til late so now I'm tired. Stupid. Bought the Evans Blue cd which came out yesterday. It's good, not crazy good but I really like that one single they've got. Talked to Matt, was missing him a bunch but it felt stilted. He went to see my mom last night. It's crazy that he's so close to my family and friends and I'm so far away. Weird thing is, his birthday is the begining of March and he's invited my folks up to dekalb for it, where they will meet his folks. That just gives me the creeps. I know I'm some sort of emotional fucktard but why does he have to be so damn serious about it? Well, at least my folks will make a good impression, Mom never stops being chattery so they won't hate me on sight when I eventually meet them.

Watched the Olympics last night with the girls, that Sasha Cohen rocks! I continue with my complaint of why the hideous neon colors? I would also like to add that when you're competing in the olympics wear a little makeup and do your hair, yes that means you Emily Hughes.

Let's see if I can make day 2 of punctuality.
Current Music: Cold-Evans Blue
zbeckaronizbeckaroni on February 23rd, 2006 04:57 am (UTC)
I don't care much for neon on the ice skaters either...in a way, it makes it hard to see them skate because the neon is so bright. Neon seems better for skiing or even summer sports.