Becky (bittybecky) wrote,

I heart the 'lympics

So, haven't had much to say lately. Was too busy being scared to freaking death. Matt and I are back together but he's giving me some space cuz no I do not need you to call me every single night and talk for an hour. I don't have that much to say and I have other things to do. Anyway, at least that's sort of figured out.

Got our website up at work, huzzah! Still working on it but this version was much easier than the one we did last year.

Returned the stuff I got at target last night. No longer do I have the child's size large shirt. How can I wear a kid's large? I swear I think I'm shrinking!! I don't understand, I eat. I eat almost every meal now. Grrrrr.....

Oh, and the olympics. Yes, I am OBSESSED!!! Yay Toby Dawson!

Wheedled 3 birthday hints out of Christie: it's multicolored, came off the internet and will probably fit in a padded envelope therefore not a lot of postage. I'm trying to figure out what it could be-cd or dvd prolly. Couldn't be a season of a show, that wouldn't fit in an envelope. Bridgette said maybe a scarf or a shirt...Anybody got any other guesses???

Gonna go skip to school in the rain, a la the Morton salt girl. Toodles poodles.
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